University of Pittsburgh

The Educational Leadership Initiative

The Educational Leadership Initiative (ELI) is not a program, but a way of thinking and working that emphasizes and supports local school district concerns. ELI provides comprehensive, integrated professional development designed to support a school culture focused on student learning and built upon a foundation of shared leadership.

Our philosophy of shared leadership is practiced through the work of “vertical” leadership teams (teachers, principals, central office, and superintendent of each district) that focus on data-informed problem solving and decision-making to improve teaching and learning. These teams create and support an intense focus on instructional improvement while reinforcing the value of open dialogue and planning.

Our Results

Our work with school districts is aimed at building capacity through the establishment of a network of regional collaborators and partners. We seek to create credible, multi-level learning communities in schools, on leadership teams, and within the central office. Collaboration within educational communities fosters school cultures of sustained, rigorous instructional practices that continuously improve achievement for each and every student.

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